Episode 6- Kevin Ogar

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Krystal is joined by the man, the myth and the legend....Kevin Ogar. After suffering a spinal cord injury during a fitness event and under going two life threatening surgeries, Kevin knew he stayed alive for a purpose. Tune in as he tells his story and stares the incredible things he's doing for everyone around him.


Kevin Ogar

Instagram: @kevinogar

Crossfit Watch Tower Instagram: @crossfitwatchtower

The Reveille Project: www.thereveilleproject.org

Podcast Description

The Unarmed Podcast is a weekly show hosted by mother, athlete and amputee, Krystal Cantu.

This show is uncut, uncensored and every bit real.

Tune in every week as the woman, who continues to persevere, tells her story, interviews some of the most influential individuals of our time and serves you the truth you never knew you needed.

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