I Followed A Holistic Doctors' Advice For A Week. Here's What I Noticed.


I visited a Holistic Doctor exactly one week ago today.

Read about that experience here.

I was given suggestions on what I should start doing to improve my health, starting from the inside. The initial problems found with me, from my first visit, were a weak gallbladder and an over worked heart.

After explaining my daily diet with the doctor, he believed I was consuming too much protein. My gallbladder was unable to do it’s job when I was constantly throwing a large amount of protein into my body. The suggestion for this problem, was a diet that excluded red meat, pork, turkey, dairy, onions, processed foods and foods high in sugar. I was given B-12, to help with my sweet tooth cravings, and Beta-TCP to help with my gallbladder. Vegetable smoothies were recommended for dinner, and my protein was limited to only breakfast and lunch.

This diet didn’t seem to out of reach for me. I was okay with no dairy, because I don’t consume it very much, but I was very nervous about the protein choices. When you exclude red meat, pork and turkey….you exclude my soul! I was left with chicken and eggs. I get tired of chicken very easily, and I was left to start becoming more creative with the only protein choice I had left.

I added celery juice to my morning routine after I started reading up on it’s many benefits (check out @medicalmedium on Instagram). I drink 8 ounces of fresh celery juice (I purchased a juicer and make my own) on an empty stomach, first thing in the morning. After my celery juice, I proceeded to breakfast that normally consisted of eggs with veggies or gluten free waffles. My breakfast was always followed by two B-12 vitamins.

Lunch always consisted of chicken, vegetables and a carbohydrate (sweet potatoes, red potatoes or jasmine rice). Lunch was also always followed by 2 B-12 vitamins. I found myself wanting to snack less and less as the days went by. I do not know if this was a result of the B-12, or the diet as a whole, but it was one of the very first things I started noticing of myself.

My dinners were…….small. I was very used to having exactly what I had for lunch..for dinner. It was as if an entire meal was missing, yet my smoothies were very filling, and I hardly ever finished one entirely (which I found very strange). I’m a very good eater, meaning I eat A LOT! For my body to be okay with two meals, no snacks and half a smoothie was very odd. My dinner was always followed by 6 Beta-TCP vitamins.

Any time, throughout the day, I was to also have 4 ounces of almond milk with one drop of an essential oil the doctor prescribed for my heart.

I still drank my Opti- Reds and Opti- Greens every night, and even started taking CBD oil to help with inflammation and promote better sleep.

Read more on the Opti- Reds and Opti- Greens here.

My body started feeling lighter day by day. It was as if I could walk on clouds. It was such a strange feeling, but it’s been the only way I’ve been able to describe it. My body is always content after every meal, I no longer have that feeling of being stuffed. I’m no longer reaching for snacks every 30 minutes in my pantry and I’m no longer craving sweets the way that I used to. My clothes are fitting much looser, although I have not officially weighed myself, and my skin looks brighter and clearer each day.

I’ve been back to the Holistic Doctor a total of 2 times within the week. Each time I am met with questions on how my body is doing, a test of the body’s functioning (done by holding your arm out to your side, and the doctor testing your strength while focusing on key parts of your body) and a 30 minute acupuncture session.

Today’s visit made me extremely happy. I was told I was recovering much faster than expected and my symptoms should start fading away very soon. Whether they will actually fade can only be told with time, but I am so happy with the progress I’ve seen in only a week. This new diet, that was recommended for my body, has taught me a lot about where my problems could be stemming from. I’ve decided to continue with my doctor’s recommendations and I’m excited to see what progress I can make in a month.

I’m a skeptic, in many ways, about many things. Holistic Medicine being one of those things. I’ve found, through this entire experience, that there is no such thing as too many opinions on what you could possibly do to help your body’s health.

If you have found yourself dealing with chronic pain or issues, what could hurt from visiting a Holistic Doctor? If it doesn’t work? Then stop going.

If it works? Then that’s a win.

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