My First Experience With A Holistic Doctor


I’ll be completely honest. I was a skeptic about holistic medicine.

I think modern medicine is incredible, but I am also well aware that our problems, aches and pains always have underlying issues.

I’ve never been one to take prescription medicine for every ache and pain, but I do like knowing the source of the problem and why it’s happening.

I’ve recently been dealing with a lot, and I mean A LOT of neck issues. It always seemed to clear up and return just as quickly as it disappeared. I saw my chiropractor once a week, and together, we decided that it may be time for an MRI.

Before scheduling an MRI, I searched for other ways to help relieve my neck and shoulder pain. After some research, I decided to go with acupuncture therapy.

I sent a recommendation post on Facebook and waited for some suggestions to roll in.

A friend from Crossfit suggested a holistic doctor who she frequently visits. I sat there, looked over their reviews and thought…why not?

I called them the next day to set up an acupuncture session. The woman who helped me told me the doctor wouldn’t do acupuncture without evaluating me first.

I’d have to pay $110 to get evaluated (since insurance typically doesn’t cover holistic doctor visits) and after that..I could receive acupuncture.

Again I though, why not? A bit expensive, but it would be interesting to see what the doctor thought about my health as a whole. I scheduled my visit for the same day as my MRI. I would head to my MRI first, then my evaluation.

I walked into my MRI pretty anxious. I deal with a lot of anxiety, and I’m definitely claustrophobic. I’ve had MRI’s done before, but never for my neck. I laid on the table, said a prayer and hoped for the best. I was sent into the MRI and I shut my eyes as tight as I could because I knew the second I opened them, and saw how close that machine was, I’d be sent into a panic attack.

I sat well for the first scan. It seemed quick. Then I was told I was about to start the second scan which would last 7 minutes. I started taking deep breaths and counting to 100 very slowly.

I hit my panic button once I got to 30. I opened my eyes for a split second and immediately felt that panic set in. They sent me on my way and suggested I bring someone with me or take a sedative beforehand. I left feeling pretty defeated and still anxious.

I arrived to the holistic doctor’s office with more nerves than I should have had. The doctor calls me in, I explain what’s going on and threw in a few other things (such as my gut issues). He then made me place my hand on a small machine.

I asked what this was doing and he said, “this will tell me everything about you.”

My thoughts? Intrigued, but still skeptical.

As he placed the report on the table, I noticed my heart was the very first organ on the list…with a very red line next to it.

I was told my heart was working extremely hard and my other organs were only working at 20%.

I was thrown a lot of information, very quickly.

From my heart working way too hard, to my gallbladder not processing food, and my body not being able to rid itself of toxins….it all made sense.

I then stood up for his second evaluation. I held my left arm out and had to keep it as strong as I could while he pushed it down. He placed his hand in front of my face in different ways and pushed down. He made me hold objects in my hand and pushed down. My arm was tired by the end of it.

By the end of that test, he stood directly in front of me and said…

“You’ve been through a lot of trauma. Your heart is trying really hard to keep up with everything you do physically and mentally. I call it the broken heart syndrome. You’re very angry and very emotional. Your organs are suffering right now.”

I stood there, looked directly over him and started crying.

I cried because I knew it was true. I cried because I never felt like I could cry about my trauma. I hold too much inside and say I’ll deal with it another day. I cried because I never let myself think of the horrible things my body has actually been through. I cried because I understood.

He didn’t know how I lost my arm. I could have easily been born like this. He knew nothing of my past.

I cried and had an out of body experience.

I was able to see myself crying. I saw myself standing tall with tears in my eyes, yet with so much pride. I was looking directly over the doctor with sadness and anger in my heart, because I could not look this man in the eyes. I said “Why do you always have to be strong, Krystal? When will it ever be okay to hurt? Let your gaurd down.”

The doctor stood there staring at me and said, “this can all be fixed.”

I gave in to the hurt and guilt I was feeling for letting my own heart suffer the way that it was.

I looked him dead in the eyes and said “I’m ready to fix this.”

I got acupuncture for 30 minutes (which was so relaxing), left with a few vitamins to help get me going and a whole lot more knowledge then I walked in with.

I got some recommendations for my daily diet and set up my next visit with him.

I’ve never had a more eye opening experience with a doctor. No doctor has ever looked at my heart, gallbladder, spleen and intestines for underlying issues of what I’m initially going in for.

I’m humbled and grateful by this entire experience.

Question holistic medicine all you want, but I highly encourage you to visit a holistic doctor just to see what they personally find.

There’s nothing wrong with knowing more than you did before.

And who knows? Maybe you’ll leave as changed as I did today.

I won’t ever stop visiting my regular primary care physician, but I’ll also visit this holistic doctor when a persistent issue keeps coming up.

Krystal Cantu2 Comments