A Letter To Myself The Day After My Amputation



That was rough, wasn’t it?

I know you probably won’t believe this right now, but you were prepped your entire life for yesterday. 

Yesterday was supposed to happen to you. It was planned all along, you just never knew it.

Nobody knew it, except for the big guy upstairs. 

Today is not the start of a new life, but better yet, a new chapter in your life.

This chapter doesn’t consist of rainbows and butterflies, but when has your life ever been about those things? This chapter, instead, consists of strength and resilience.

You don’t think so right now, but you’re a strong individual. You were created to do great things and great things you will do.

The next few months are going to be hard, very hard. 

You just lost your dominant arm, and now it’s time to learn everything with your left.

Things won’t come easy for you, but that’s okay. You were born into a life where nothing ever came easy for you. You worked hard to accomplish everything in your life and the same thing will happen now. You will work your ass off to become independent with one arm.

The people all around you right now are there to support you and guide you. These people have everything to do with the person you are today and they’ll have everything to do with who you are about to become. 

Take a look at mom, dad and Daniel. Remember them in this moment. For it is those three that believe in you more than you will ever believe in yourself. Never be afraid to ask them for help, even if you don’t want it. Those three could never see you as anything but a superhuman.

Stop worrying about having children. You’re going to go on and do things many people won’t believe with their own eyes. Having a kid will come to you just as everything else will. Spoiler alert, your son is incredible.

The hardest part of this chapter will come, and it will be when you least expect it. You’re going to have to fight with everything in you to keep going. Never stop fighting Krystal, never.

You were born to change the world. This is only the beginning.