How I Took My Body & Health Back After Having A Kid

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I wasn’t very active or healthy during my pregnancy. My pregnancy was extremely hard for me and Crossfit was very hard to find motivation for, much less healthy eating. All of that trickled over to my post baby habits.

Being a first time mother is very difficult. No sleep, no time for yourself and no energy. I always opted for what was easy and satisfying when it came to food at that time. Pizza, take out, junk, junk, junk. I could have easily been taking walks or doing small indoor workouts while my son napped, but truth of the matter is, I didn’t want to.

I wasn’t ready. I personally know what it takes to loose weight and be healthy. I’ve been down that road before. It’s not an easy task. I wasn’t ready for that type of discipline or the amount of hard work I needed to do.

It wasn’t until April of 2018 (a year and a half after having my son) that I decided to take my health and body back.

I took some Easter pictures with my family that year and there was one picture that made my switch go off.

Nobody will ever be able to prepare you for what you go through after giving birth.

I had no clue how difficult my journey was going to be in order to get my body back. If I’m being completely honest, my body was very much in the forefront of my mind after I had my son. I know everyone says it shouldn’t, but I’m only human. I hated the way my body looked. I was very much appreciative of who it created, but I couldn’t stand looking in the mirror.

I was a competitive Crossfit athlete prior to getting pregnant. I was very used to my body looking a certain way.


Now, what you see will be very different from what I saw, but what I saw scared me. How could I have let it go this far? Who was that woman? The Krystal I know, loves to workout to eat to fuel her body. The woman in that picture wasn't me.

I hated getting dressed every day knowing that I had to go another size up in jeans again. I hated seeing my old clothes just sitting in my closet and only wishing I could wear them again. I hated not having my Stregnth. The woman in that picture is smiling, but she’s hurting very badly on the inside.

I had had enough. I was ready to do what I knew had to be done.

I saw that picture on a Sunday and by Monday I became extremely strict with my diet. I never starved myself or deprived my body of food. I fed my body the right foods that it was going to need for the Crossfit workouts I was about to be putting myself through (4-5 times a week). I ate lean protein, healthy fats, vegetables and carbs (that’s right, CARBS!). I said no to sweets and I said no too fast food. I stayed focused for 3 months straight without any slips.

In three months, I was able to lean out and loose nearly 30 pounds. It was not easy, but it was worth it. I had my Stregnth back, I had my old clothes back, I had my energy back. My diet never ended, it became a lifestyle again. After my initial 3 months, I started incorporating cheat meals and sweets, but always in moderation.

I not only was able to get my old body back, but I came back leaner than I ever was as a competitive athlete. The intensity in my training was very high, but the numbers in weights were not. As a competitive athlete, all I used to care about were my numbers. My view of exercise changed after having my son. I stopped training to compete, and instead, started training to live a long and healthy life. The difference in my body definition is incredible. I only train for 1 hour day, versus the 3-4 hours I used to be putting my body through in a single day.

What I did was not easy, but it was worth it.

Women tend to shame those who go on to loose weight after having a baby. Apparently we aren’t body positive because we openly say we didn’t like our post partum bodies, and wanted to make a change.

I couldn't think of a more body positive individual than myself. Body positivity has turned into the opposite of what it should be. Yes, love your body…..but don’t allow your health to deteriorate because you choose to ‘love your body’ as it is.

I knew I was very much in an unhealthy condition. I could feel it when I grew tired from only walking a few steps. I felt it when my lower back ached so much that I couldn’t lift my son from his crib. I am body positive, because I CHOSE to change my body for the BETTER!

I love my body now. I worked hard for my body. I’m proud of my body.

I still have love handles and cellulite, and that’s fine with me. I took myself from my weakest state to my strongest. My tools were will power, choice of food, time management and exercise.

Mother’s do not have it easy when it comes to time management and exercise, but it’s all in the way you choose to prioritize.

My son was very much a priority, but so was my health. I stayed consistent with my diet and exercised when my son napped. Believe it or not, your food choices outweigh your exercise.

Make better decisions in the kitchen and your exercise is just there to compliment your diet.


No one can make you start your journey. Only you have the power to start.

You have to be prepared for what you are about to do. It won’t be easy and you’ll want to quit over and over again, but you fight. Fight hard.

Fight for your health. Fight for your happiness. Fight for the confidence I know you probably lost in yourself. Fight.

If a mother who has no nanny or house keeper (AND ONE *UCKING ARM) can do it…..then so can you.

I followed no special diet. I only made healthier choices.

I didn’t hire a personal trainer. I just went back to Crossfit.

I don’t have hours of free time a day. I only have one hour to spare.

I’m just like you. I fought with everything I had. Will you fight too?

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