My Experience with Invisalign


Is Invisalign worth it? Does it work?

Let’s take this back to my junior year in high school. I was that girl with the infamous snaggle tooth. My teeth were horrible and parents were able to save up enough money, by my junior year of high school, to get me some braces.

I wore the typical metal mouth braces and had those for just a little over a year. My teeth were so nice and straight but me, being my ignorant self, never felt the need to wear my retainers.

In time, my teeth moved around and went right back to being extremely crooked. Most people, who are close to me, say that my teeth were just fine BUT I saw a big difference that really made me insecure.

Not only was a tooth extremely pushed in on the top row, but I also had a large gap on my upper left side. I struggled for years with my old smile and finally decided to look into Invisalign last year. I looked up local orthodontic offices that offered Invisalign and went with the office with the best reviews.

My Office: Leglar Orthodontics in Port St. Lucie, Fl.

I knew they were going to be expensive, but I was in for a huge shock when I realized just how expensive they were. At just a little over $5,000 I was about to run right out of that office, but I knew if I did that I would immediately regret it.

I put down a down payment of $2500 (you can put down as much or as little as you want) and made monthly payments from there until they were paid off. Keep in mind, the bigger the down payment….the lower the monthly payments will be.

After signing the contract, I was quickly scanned for my first set of liners. You get scanned every so often so Invisalign can track how your teeth are moving and how to create your next set of liners. The scans are quick and pain free.

Once your liners are in, you go into the office where your glue dots are then placed on your teeth. I hated these glue dots because (to me) they were so noticeable, but I will say that hardly anyone ever noticed my braces. Most of the people who noticed were past or current Invisalign patients.

I went to the office at least once a month and I would be sent home with 3-4 packs of liners that I changed out every 10 days. These liners ARE a pain in the a**. Now, other people may say differently, but I very much hated them.

My first very pair cut my mouth in various places, which I did anticipate. The liners must be taken anytime you eat and drink. The only drinks you can drink with the liners on, are clear drinks. Taking the liners off and putting them back on so often got annoying really fast.

On top of that, you had one pair of liners for 10 days. They’re going to get ugly and dirty within those 10 days. You constantly have to clean them with soap and water. Your liners are a constant work around the clock. Invisalign recommends you wear the liners at least 22 hours out of the 24 hours a day.

Now, were they better than metal braces? Absolutely. Invisalign has it’s own annoying issues, but those issues are way less harsh than what I ever dealt with when it came to the metal braces.

Changing the liners every 10 days means less pain when it comes to the tightening and moving of the teeth. You don’t deal with all the cuts in your mouth, minus the first pair, and you don’t have to worry about getting food stuck in the braces.

These braces are convenient, I’ll give them that. They are also a pain to deal with and very expensive. At the end of the day, they work incredibly well and I’m so happy with my smile now. I wore Invisalign for just over a year (everyone will differ).

If you have the extra money are up to the challenge of the liners, I’d say go with Invisalign. Invisalign does have competitors out there that are cheaper, but those options do not include an actual Orthodontist (from what I researched). I loved being able to see an Orthodontist every month and having him check my teeth and send notes to Invisalign with what he recommended they do next.

I can sit here and nag all day about my Invisalign liners, but they worked and left me with a lot more self confidence.

Krystal CantuComment