Margaritaville Resort, Orlando, Fl


I really wanted to make this past Father’s Day really special for Daniel, so I decided to book a relaxing trip to Orlando.

When I was searching for hotels, I was looking for something that had a full kitchen. Your spending money can go really fast when you’re constantly eating out in Orlando, so I decided to spend a little extra on a hotel and save on food by buying groceries and cooking.

Now, I do all my reservations for flights and hotels through Expedia. I’ve been using them for as  long as I can remember and I love their bundle deals, along with their points system.

I had a few a few points saved up to use (not many), so I knew I’d be getting a small discount when searching for rooms.

My ideal location would have been a cabin at Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort, but those get booked up really fast. I wasn’t surprised when there were none available when I was searching. 

I ended up finding a cottage at the Margaritaville Resort. The pictures of the cottage and resort looked incredible and the cottage offered the full kitchen I was looking for. I always read through the reviews before booking any hotel (if I’ve never stayed there before), because I’ve learned that the pictures listed can sometimes be very deceiving. 

All the reviews had great things to say about the resort. Very new rooms/ cottages, friendly staff, great pool and comfortable beds. I always feel more comfortable booking new resorts when I see that past guests loved it. 

The rate for a one bedroom cottage was $225 a night, which included my small discount from my saved Expedia points. The cottages looked like small beach houses, so you were initially getting an entire town home to yourself. That price point sounded great with everything that was included in the cottage. Full kitchen (fully equipped), washer/dryer, jacuzzi and complete room service.

I booked us for a 2 night stay and was so excited to get there and explore. Upon arriving, we checked in and came to find out that we had received a free upgrade. They upgraded us to a two bedroom, two bath cottage. I was over the moon!  We didn’t need all that space, but if it’s free…you better believe I’ll take it.

The Margaritaville Resort offers both hotel rooms and cottage homes. Once we got our keys, we drove off to the cottage section of the resort and started anxiously searching for our cottage. The houses varied in colors. Blue, orange, yellow, green, and pink. I felt like we were staying somewhere right off the ocean. 

We finally pulled up to our blue cottage and it was adorable! We were amazed at how beautiful this cottage was the minute we set foot inside. It smelled brand new and everything looked brand new as well. The theming was very much on brand with the entire beach theme. Upstairs there was a bedroom and bathroom. Downstairs was the living room, kitchen, dining table, bedroom, bathroom and washer/dryer. Our back porch was equipped with a 6 person jacuzzi and it was pretty darn lovely.

There is a Publix (local supermarket) and Target right down the street from the resort. You can easily head there for your groceries if you choose to stay at a cottage.

We were so amazed with the cottage and couldn’t wait to relax. We spent the next morning by the pool (after I cooked breakfast of course), which by the way, we were the very first people there by 8am. At first, we thought maybe the pool was closed because no one was there, but we came to find out we were just the only losers there with a toddler who is up and ready to go by 7am.

The pool area was INCREDIBLE! It had so much seating/umbrellas and space for a ton of people. There were areas with sand that led you straight to the splash pads at the pool, and it made you feel like you were right on the beach.

There was also a bar and grill right by the pool where you could grab a drink or food. We ordered a few drinks and they were both strong and delicious. Of course, just like at any other resort, the food and drinks are over priced. We got Joaquin an order of fries but Daniel and I waited till we got back to the cottage so I could whip us up some lunch. 

Overall, we loved our stay at the Margaritaville Resort. This is a resort we will definitely be coming back to. The resort is very close to the theme parks (Disney World, Universal Studios, Sea World) and would be a great option for bigger families that want more room to fit everyone. The resort does offer transportation to and from the parks so you wouldn’t have to worry about driving.

I encourage you to give these cottages a look if you’re planning to head to Orlando, Fl. This blog was not in any way sponsored, but I loved it THAT MUCH that I felt like I really needed to share my experience with you. 

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