20 Things That Happened In My 20's


Today I turn 30.

While I’m extremely excited to see what my 30’s hold, I also won’t ever forget how incredible my 20’s were. So much happened in my 20’s and those years were very pivotal for me. Here are 20 things that happened in my 20’s that I’ll never forget.

  1. I moved to San Antonio, Texas with two of my best friends (Clara & Janet). We all attended the University of Texas at San Antonio and we each had so much fun living out our college years together.

  2. I completed my first ever Tough Mudder run with one of my good friends, Tony. This race was also the beginning of my fitness journey that still continues today.

  3. I graduated with my Bachelor’s Degree in Communications from the University of Texas at San Antonio. I was the first of my family to receive my college degree.

  4. I completed a Spartan Race in a Hurricane Heat. This was one of the toughest races I had ever done, but also one I’ll never forget. The camaraderie in this group was insane and I’m so glad I got to do it with two of my close friends, Tony and Monica.

  5. I landed my dream job at one of the greatest IT companies in San Antonio, Rackspace. Back then, it was harder to get a job at Rackspace then it was to get accepted into Harvard. This accomplishment was one of my greatest yet. I left my job of being a nanny to a family that I will forever hold in my heart, and I stepped in to my first official job after college.

  6. I met the love of my life, Daniel. You’ll always be one of the best decisions I made in my life.

  7. I was involved in a car accident that resulted in the amputation of my right arm.

  8. My very good friends at Rackspace held a fundraiser for me where a beautiful piece of art was created that is now a forever piece in my home. My right hand was painted on the very center and everyone that attended had their left hand painted around mine.

  9. I visited New York for the very first time with one of my best friends, Janet. This was our first time in the big apple and we decided to go in December when we could see all the Christmas decorations. That trip is still one of my favorites till this day.

  10. I saw my very first Broadway show in NYC. I saw the Lion King (of course) and I cried like a baby. New York was always a dream of mine since I was a little girl. I dreamt of living on my own in the big city, being a hard working woman, eating incredible food and watching broadway shows in my spare time. Watching that show in New York left me super emotional.

  11. I got to meet the man that helped save my life the day of my accident. No one knew who this man and his wife were once everything was said and done. I wondered every day who they were and if I would ever get to thank them. One morning I was at a news station getting ready to go on live for that morning’s news story. A man, who just so happened to manage the band that was hired to play that day on the news, tapped me on the shoulder and asked if I remembered who he was. A day I will certainly never forget.

  12. I visited Washington DC with three of my favorite people (Daniel, Vickie and Monica). We all traveled together to Virginia for my first ever Crossfit competition and we decided to spend a day in DC. We saw the White House, visited the Holocaust Museum, ate cupcakes and incredible sandwiches, rode the subway and overall had an incredible trip. Traveling is fun, but it’s even better when you do it with great friends.

  13. I became a sponsored athlete of 1st Phorm. Becoming a sponsored athlete was one of my biggest goals after my accident. This company, who I am still with today, saw something in me 5 years ago and believed in me. To be a 1st Phorm athlete is something I am always so proud to say. I wear that 1st Phorm logo with pride and I am extremely honored to be with a company who has changed the game in supplements.

  14. I moved out of Texas and in to Florida. Daniel received a job offer that he really wanted and asked me to join him in this move. That move was one of the best things that could have happened for us as a couple at that time. It helped us become better partners and definitely humbled us. Florida is where we bought our first home and Florida is where we had our first child.

  15. I hit a personal record of 135 pound on my squat clean…….with one arm. You don’t know how incredibly hard I worked to get that amount of weight up. I worked month after month after month to get to that number. I failed, I got frustrated, I cried…..but I did it. I was actually filming with a news crew that day and I was doing cleans. All my lifts were feeling good and I thought, why not? I failed my first attempt and surprised the hell out of myself when I stood it up on my second attempt. I immediately burst into tears. It finally happened. All those hours worth of practice just led me to that exact moment.

  16. I fractured my foot doing warm up drills. It’s called a Jones fracture and it’s basically the absolute worst fracture to have in your foot. I knew IMMEDIATELY that something was wrong. I was one week away from heading out to Arizona to qualify for the Paralympics in Javelin. After hearing what needed to be done to fix it AND recovery time….I was crushed. I went on to have surgery (I now have a plate and screws in my left foot) and luckily I had an incredible surgeon. I also went into a depression at this stage in my life.

  17. I got to compete at The Crossfit Games in California. This was my first ever Crossfit Games experience. I was invited to go with my good friends over at Crossroads Adaptive Athletics. We had a booth at the games and my job was to spread the word on the adaptive community in Crossfit. Little did we know that they were going to give us the floor at the Tennis Stadium to do one workout in front of the crowd. I nearly threw up as I stood waiting in that tunnel to head onto the floor. I was so nervous yet it was so exciting being in the tunnel were I would watch all these incredible athletes, that I looked up to, come out of to compete. This was definitely one of those days that will forever be engraved in to my memory.

  18. I gave birth to a smart, funny, witty and handsome little boy named Joaquin. This little guy is my greatest accomplishment yet.

  19. I got to surf, for my first time ever, with Bethany Hamilton. I was invited to coach an all girl’s retreat that had girls with different amputations and that came from all walks of life. This trip was so incredibly moving and touched my heart. I had never been around a group of girls that were so strong and driven to live a great life despite what had happened to them. Our surf day was a wheel of emotions for me. While I love being able to say I surfed with Bethany Hamilton…I’ll also be the first to say that I very much disliked surfing lol.

  20. I created a project that I hope will reach and change millions of people. (Stay Tuned……)