10 Things You Most Likely Didn't Know About Me



These are easily ten things that only my closest friends and family know about me. A few of these I may have shared on social media, but for the most part, these will be some fun facts for you guys.

  1. I was a pre-med student in college.

    Growing up I only wanted to be one thing, and it was very specific. I wanted to be a plastic surgeon, but not just any plastic surgeon…..a reconstructive plastic surgeon (this is what I used to tell everyone growing up). I used to sit in front of the TV as a kid and watch so many shows about ER visits and surgeries. I was addicted to that type of stuff. It didn’t gross me out, it intrigued me. I don’t remember the name of the show but there was one show that really resonated with me.



There was a plastic surgeon that went all over the world helping children with cleft lips and deformities that were preventing them from living a better life than what they were living. That really hit home with me. I knew I wanted to help people but I also didn’t want to do anything but plastic surgery. I didn’t want the people who wanted bigger boobs or butt lifts, I wanted the people who really needed help. I entered my freshman year of college as a Pre-Med student and I was so excited to start the journey. The journey lasted all but one semester (LOL!!). My math and biology classes quickly shut that dream down and I was on to my next idea. I ended up graduating with my Bachelor’s in communication from the University of Texas at San Antonio (which I’m still extremely proud of).

2. I can lift more with one arm than I could with two.

I started Crossfit just a few months before my accident. Before Crossfit, you could find me at Gold’s Gym coming up with workouts that made no damn sense. I was lucky enough to have a good friend who introduced me to a few movements that carried into Crossfit and that I was familiar with once I started. Here I was walking into Crossfit thinking I knew everything and I was already strong and in shape………WRONG! Crossfit shut that ego down real quick. I was pretty determined to get good at the sport right off the bat, but surprisingly, the strength came after the accident. It could have easily been that I fell even more determined after I lost my arm, but it still shocks the hell out if me. My heaviest clean with two arms was 95lbs. My heaviest clean clean with one arm is 135lbs thus far. I say that is a HUGE testament to my mindset and determination that came after the accident. I’ve been doing Crossfit much longer without an arm than I did with two now, and I wouldn't have it any other way. There are days when I sit and wonder where I’d be as an athlete if I had two arms, but I never fall sad from it. I love where I am today. I’m so humbled by the lessons I’ve learned a long the way and I know this exactly where I’m meant to be.


3. I hated Daniel when I first met him.

I met Daniel through my best friend, Victoria. Victoria and Daniel had both gone to the same high school and were (and still are) very close friends. I had always heard of him and seen pictures of him, but he didn’t interest me enough for me to ask about him. One night, Victoria and I wanted to just sit around and have a few beers but we were under age. Daniel was in town (he lived in Houston and we were in the Rio Grande Valley) this weekend and so Victoria asked him to meet us at a corner store so he could buy the beer for us. This was probably the second time I would ever see him in person. So I’m waiting in the car with Victoria and I see him pull up. Out comes this really tall guy who is tatted up and just looks like bad news. I rolled down my window, handed him my debit card and told him that I NEEDED my receipt once he was done (I didn’t trust this shady looking dude). He, of course, didn’t come back with my receipt and he just left a nasty taste in my mouth. I was OVER him. Fast forward years later when I stumble upon him on Instagram and had immediate heart eyes for him (weird huh?). I told Victoria to pass along my phone number and here we are, six years strong together with a beautiful little boy that we created together.



4. I have OCD.

Growing up, I could care less about my room being clean or things being organized. Looking back I remember doing little things that tell me I totally had OCD at young age. I used to get into phases, mainly when I was by myself and in my own thoughts, where I would walk down the lines of tiles or bricks and if I misstepped, I’d go back and do it again because it left an ugly feeling in me. I could be sitting in my classroom or bedroom and I would start tracing things in my head. Posters on the wall, markers, whatever I could find really. I was very specific about how I traced those things in my head and I COULD not miss a spot, because if I did, I’d go back and do it all over. I’ve lost those little quirks as an adult, but you can still find me being very specific about how and where I have things in my home. I’m almost always fixing something or moving it to a place that makes me feel at ease. I get anxious when we have family staying over because I know things won’t be cleaned or put back the way I need them to be. I’ve nearly stopped asking Daniel to clean because I always end up going back and doing it my way. I don’t mind my OCD and I don’t feel it to be extreme but I know it’s definitely there.


5. I’m terrified of thunder/lightning storms.

I’ve been afraid of storms for as long as I can remember. My mom always tells me that when I was little, I came home crying one day and scared out of my mind. She said when she asked what was wrong, I told her that my teacher had told me the world was going to end because of the thunder storm and I was never the same after that day. I snuck into my parents bed every time there was a storm and as a young adult, I slept in my closet any time there was a storm. Till this day, I am shaking whenever I’m driving through a storm and I cannot be near windows at night if there is lightning. I know very well that storms are not the end of the world but it is still a trigger in my mind, and it amazes me that it’s stuck with me for this long. Watch what you tell kids because it can really mess with them for the rest of their lives. I’m proof of that.


6. I pick up nearly everything with my toes.

Yes, you read that correctly. I was gifted with some incredibly long toes that allow me to be extremely lazy when it comes to bending down and picking things up with my hand. I don’t THINK I’ve ever done it in public but, I also wouldn’t doubt if I have. Remote fell? I got it. Lipstick fell? I got it. Shirts, pants, jewelry? Girl, I got you. Yes, it’s a pretty incredible talent that takes great grip strength and long toes. Don’t be jealous.


7. I hate flying.

I actually fly pretty often, but I’ve never gotten used to it. I will admit that I have gotten slightly better BUT I’m still pretty shook once that plane door closes. After 9/11, I’ve never been able to see flying the same way. I typically get zero sleep the night before and I won’t eat due to nerves. I’m THAT creepy person staring down every single person walking onto the plane to see if they’re acting weird (legit not joking). I have to sit by the window because I need to see everything going on, but I also need to always listen to music or watch a movie to keep me semi distracted. I’ll never have both headphones in because I need to hear the pilot’s announcements in case we’re going down. I WILL NOT get up if the seatbelt light is on. I could be seconds away from pissing my pants but I refuse to get up until that light is off. I always say a prayer once we start heading to the runway and I death grip the chair arm during take off. I LOVE when I get chatty Cathy’s next to me because they seriously make the time go by faster and they really help get my mind off things. There was one flight I was on where a man sitting in the row next to me was crying before take off and I could tell he was scared. I’ve never cried, but I promise you I am on the inside. I felt so bad for him because I knew exactly what he was feeling. I reached over and handed him my rosary that I always carried with me. He gripped that rosary so tight and I could see the worry slowly fade. I used to do the same thing with that rosary. I gripped it so tight and prayed that the Lord keep us in his hands the entire way. He tried giving me the rosary back after we landed but I saw he had another flight to get to, so I told him to keep it. I hope that rosary has helped him on every other flight the way it helped me.

8. I love singing.

I grew up on Tejano music and I come from a family of musician’s. My parents never sang or played an instrument, but nearly everyone on my moms side of the family did. There was never a family gathering without my cousins and tio’s bringing out the guitars and accordions. Music was in our blood and where I come from, music brings you together. My high school actually offered a program called Estudiantina where you learned how to play either guitar, mandolin or bass. We played Mexican folk songs and competed against other schools that offered a similar program. I learned how to play guitar in Estudiantina and I learned from one of the best in the business. Benny Layton passed away when I was in college but he was an incredible human being that really taught me the meaning of music. I’ve never sang in public, because I don’t have the guts to do that, but I really do love singing. I used to record myself singing on my phone or laptop and show my mom. She always encouraged me to sing but I never thought I was good or brave enough. I love singing every type of music, but Tejano tops that list 100%. I would much rather sing in Spanish than I would in English. Spanish music, to me, has so much more feeling and emotion to it. You can almost always catch me singing Spanish songs in my truck. I broke out in tears when I first saw Disney’s, Coco. No movie depicted my heritage and love for music more than that movie did. Singing takes me back to my childhood. Sining connects me back to my family even when they’re miles away from us. Certain songs make me cry, because they remind me of the days when I used to sit on the picnic table as a little girl, just watching and listening to my cousin’s sing and play. Those memories are some I’ll cherish for the rest of my life. Daniel’s mom now has my old guitar which sits in her room. This video is of one of my best friends and I in college. We found some of my old Estudiantina Christmas music sheets and decided to give it a go. It’s pretty cringe worthy but it was about the only thing I could find of me singing.



9. I used to watch Harry Potter & The Goblet of Fire every night before bed.

You may or may not know…but I am a HUGE Harry Potter fan. GRYFFINDOR ALL THE WAY!!! I love fictional stories that can really fire my imagination and take me into another world that isn’t my own. When the movies started coming out, I was so excited. I was finally going to see what someone else’s imitation had created about the stories I knew and loved. Let’s just say I cried at the opening of every single movie. Those movies were so well done and they are definitely some of my favorite movies of all time. Of course, I bought every single movie. I watch every marathon that plays on cable TV and I can’t wait till Joaquin is old enough to watch them and understand them. I went through a phase one year where I only watched Harry Potter & The Goblet of Fire every single night before I went to bed. It couldn’t be any other parts of the series. It had to be that one. I can’t even say that it’s one of my favorite books/movies of the series, but for some weird reason, I had to watch it every single night. That’s the only movie Daniel now knows and understands when it comes to Harry Potter. He can easily enjoy Harry Potter world at Universal Studios every time we go….because he knows that movie so well.

10. My Worst Fear is the world ending.

This can easily be traced back to number five and being traumatized by my teacher, but this fear is REAL and I’ll explain. So, not only do I think something bad is going to happen when there’s a storm but I now get extremely anxious whenever there’s a rumor floating around. Remember when the world was supposed to end in the year 2000? The days leading up to the new year were horrible for me. Every time I was at the grocery store with my family, all I saw were magazines saying the world was going to end. I was flipping out and I was so young!! On new years eve, I was pacing back and forth down the hall in tears. I don’t think my parents ever fully understood the extent of that fear, but they always knew I was going to get sick when those rumors started floating around. I won’t even list all the times the world was supposed to end but, I can guarantee you that as a full grown college student, you could find me driving four hours home because I really thought the world was going to end…every….single….time. My mom would have to sit by me and calm me down every time I went home. Till this day I cannot stomach those rumors. I will delete my Facebook app whenever a blood moon is coming around or every time a natural disaster happens and people start suggesting it’s the end of times. I cannot wrap my mind around the idea of it. I know we’re all going to pass one day, but the thought of the entire world ending in one day just blows my mind. I can’t see or hear anything suggesting it without me immediately breaking into a sweat and vomiting. Just sitting here writing that gives me anxiety.

And there they are. 10 things you most likely didn’t know about me.