This Is Why You Struggle During Workouts


We’ve all been there more times than none.

Your energy levels are low, you can’t keep up the pace, you feel light headed and your body just isn’t performing the way it should.

There’s a reason why this is happening. It’s honestly very quite simple. When this happens to you, ask yourself this….

What did I eat today?

Now, before I begin…. Yes, this COULD be due to a health issue or some other underlying issue, BUT if you have none of that (that you know of) then keep that question at the forefront.

Food is Fuel.

Think about that for a second. Your food is fuel. Just like a vehicle, your body needs fuel to get you through the day. Unlike those of us who pump unleaded gasoline though, our bodies ALWAYS need premium. Our bodies are the top of the line vehicles that get us every where we need to go and we need to fuel correctly in order for it to work.

How do I know what the right type of food is?

It’s not rocket science. Most of us make it out to be rocket science but it’s really very simple. Your body needs (for the most part) protein, carbohydrates (yes, you read that right), fat and greens (vegetables).

Keep it Simple.

There’s no need to keep up with the latest fad diet or pay tons of money to people to tell you what to eat (unless you’re the type of person who needs that type of accountability) BUT you do need to start seeing this as a way of life versus a temporary diet.

You want your health to be life long, right? So why are you cutting yourself short with all these temporary diets? It makes zero sense to me. Changing the way you eat WILL change you for the better. Your skin starts clearing up, your energy levels are higher, you can actually keep up with your kids, you can push your body that extra mile or rep….it’s endless!

I want this for you so badly because I KNOW what it feels like and I want you to know what this feels like too.

Do I NEED to buy all organic?

Absolutely not. That would be nice though, wouldn’t it? Organic is expensive (sadly), but you can always pick and choose what you feel needs to be organic for you and your family. We personally do NOT buy all organic because it is costly and some months we just can’t afford to go that route. Remember this though, just because it isn’t organic does NOT mean it isn’t any good. You can still live an extremely healthy life without paying a ton of money.

What should i buy at the grocery store?

You know how people say we should always shop outside of the aisles? Well they’re absolutely correct. Your meats, veggies, fruits, etc can all be found outside of the aisles. This is where you want your primary focus to be. Remember that temptation comes from boredom and if you’re filling your pantry and fridge with junk, you’ll be eating junk all the time. Load your cart up with healthier snacks such as carrots, rice cakes, beef jerky, apples, 1st Phorm Level 1 protein bars (Shameless plug! But seriously, they’re amazing). There’s nothing wrong with sweets, but do try to limit yourself. I guarantee you if I bought cereal, chips, candy and ice cream….I’m definitely more likely to snack on them if they’re right in front of me. If you took a look at my fridge and pantry, you’d see nearly zero fun. Even with a toddler, we try and keep his snacks just as healthy. We rather not give ourselves the opportunity to eat junk and instead give ourselves an opportunity to snack better, therefor making our bodies feel better.

how often can i have a cheat meal?

Listen, I’m not here to tell you what to do and when to do it. That’s your job. Cheat as little or as much as you want, but remember this…..there are 7 days in a week. If you “only” cheat on the weekends (including Friday) that’s 3 days out of 7. Kinda defeating the point don’t you think? This is why you need to find a balance with food. I’ll definitely enjoy a pizza or burger on the weekends but all my other meals and snacks will be what I typically eat. I stay fit and healthy because I’ve learned to balance food and how I eat. I’ve kept my weight down because it’s a lifestyle and NOT a temporary diet.

consistency is the key to your success

I can’t talk enough about consistency and why it is so important. Stick to it, no matter how hard it is, and you’ll see that it gets easier as you go. You have to push past that breaking point to get to the mindset of seeing it as a lifestyle. It’s so easy to give up, but it’s also easy to stay on track when you stay consistent. I KNOW it’s hard, I’ve been there. I KNOW you want to give up, but you need to keep going. When you’re feeling amazing during and after workouts and your clothes are fitting loose, you’re going to love that feeling. Would you prefer that feeling or feeling defeated? I know which I prefer. Which one are you going to choose?

Never feel ashamed of sending over questions if you have them. I’m here to help you. Please feel free to ask for advice.