Simple Styling For Everyone


Sometimes I look at my closet and think,

“I have absolutely nothing to wear.”

In reality, I have a large amount of clothing that really just needs to be styled differently to give me a completely different look.

This yellow dress, that I found in the Target clearance section, is the perfect example of wearing one piece multiple ways and making it look like a completely different piece overall.

The first time I ever wore this yellow piece, was to my boyfriend and son’s birthday dinner at Morimoto Asia in Disney Springs (left).

I was exhausted from a full day at Universal Studios, and on top of that, I had zero sleep the night before due to a stomach bug. I threw my hair back, put on my sandals and called it a look for the evening.

For this photoshoot, I wanted to incorporate the dress again, but add a lot more funk to it this time around. I had just ordered these incredible Sam Edelman booties off Poshmark (Thanks for the inspo Victoria!) and they were about the only pair of shoes in my closet that I thought would suit the dress well. Once I decided on the shoes, everything else fell into place. I don’t own any black belts (and I have no idea why) but I did have two brown belts.

I’ve never been one to be against mixing brown and black so I had no problem rocking the brown belt. I went with this thicker belt, that I purchased from Target years ago, because I wanted to hide the elastic band that the dress has. Once I decided on the belt, I tried on the whole outfit and quickly realized that I needed to somehow incorporate more black in to not make the boots look silly.

I thought about statement black earrings but my hair is too dark for those to stand out so I finally decided that unbuttoning the dress fairly low and showcasing a beautiful lace bra would do the trick. I needed a strapless lace bra to make this work though. Any straps on the bra would show since unbuttoning the dress left the straps to droop a bit. I found this stunning strapless lace bra at Target (on clearance for $3!!!) and that indeed tied everything in to create this really fun look that just blended incredibly well with the background.

Your closet is more versatile than you think. Say goodbye to only wearing outfits once! There’s always a way to style pieces differently. Give it a go. You’d surprise yourself with what you can come up with.

Krystal CantuComment