My Vision For A Bright & Colorful Website

When I envisioned my website, I pictured bright pictures, playful outfits and plenty of smiles.

I knew one of the first things I had to do was start stalking Pinterest and Instagram for pictures that matched my vision. I wasn’t sure what locations I was interested in or what backgrounds would suite me for these photographs, but I knew I was looking for something bright and happy.

Before I even started searching for a template theme for this website, I searched for a photographer who was going to create the very simple, yet not so simple, vision in my mind. I follow quite a few aesthetic pleasing accounts on Instagram in the hopes that my feed could miraculously look like theirs one day (but that will most likely never happen), so I instead just follow along and ‘like’ every single picture that makes me feel bright and happy inside.

StyledByMagic is one of those accounts that just makes my heart explode with happiness. Her pictures are to die for and she focuses on all things Disney (major plus in my book). Chelsea’s pictures were exactly what I was looking for, and luckily for me, she tagged her photographer in her latest series of pictures (at that time). I immediately emailed Faison as soon as I found a way to contact her. I rushed to tell her about an exciting project I was working on and how I just KNEW that she could bring this to life for me.

I sent Faison a few ideas from Pinterest that I had found that included a unique staircase, art filled walls and architecture that gave off tropical vibes. These were all ideas for reference, but I insisted on her expertise after explaining that I just wanted bright and happy.

Once we were booked, I focused on outfits. I told myself to only use what I already had in my closet, but that of course didn’t happen. I will say that I’m extremely proud of myself for only purchasing 3 new tops (one of which I kept the tags on and returned after) and one pair of heels off Poshmark (visit my closet here). Everything else in these pictures was already in my closet, waiting for me to get them photographed and on this site!

Faison sent me photographs of our locations beforehand, so I knew exactly which outfit was going to go where. I was so excited the day of our photoshoot. I made the two hour drive to Orlando and had one of the greatest days I’ve had this year. No toddler, no boyfriend, just me, my heels and bags filled to the rim with makeup, clothes and accessories. It was the perfect girls day out.

A few weeks before our scheduled photoshoot, I browsed some of my favorite girl bosses websites for inspiration. I wanted simple, not busy with link or texts, but busy with color and fun. I don’t have any commerce stores, so I knew I could easily get away with a very simplistic theme. After browsing, I finally fell upon Jenna Kutcher’s website. I instantly fell in love with the structure of her website. Now, Jenna’s is definitely a lot busier than mine, but she also runs a million dollar business. I’m not quite there……yet. I immediately envisioned exactly what I wanted after seeing her website.

I tried my darnedest to create this beautiful monster through Wordpress (where I already had my last blog), but that just WAS NOT happening. It seemed the only way it could come to life, was to hire one of their experts and empty your wallet for your website to even come close to what you want. I’m so incredibly thankful for Squarespace! After playing around with a theme that fit my EXACT vision for about 2o minutes, I signed up and had my domain transferred from Wordpress…..IMMEDIATELY!


It took a a good week for me to get to know my new template and really start learning how to get the website to be my own. I knew I for sure needed great horizontal shots for the main page that would catch your eye as soon as you entered (that wasn’t a problem thanks to Faison!) and a fun way to let you interact with everything I had to offer. I chose 3 incredible shots that just screamed bright and happy for my landing page and added touches of fun and upbeat everywhere else.

This website could not have been possible without the inspiration from your accounts that I follow and look forward to seeing every single day. You guys inspire me just as much as I may inspire you. Thank you to my incredible photographer, Faison Weiss, for giving me the photographs of my dreams and thank you to all of you who offered your help with the website and gave your input on what I should do. I am so incredibly proud of this website and I hope it brings you as much joy as I created it to.