How I Empowered Young Women



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I recently got the opportunity to host an “Own Your Power” event for a group of young women. My initial idea was to make this very a intimate and fun gathering with a group of friends and their daughters, but then I thought, let’s really go above and beyond for this.

I reached out to one of my best friends, whose husband is a principle at a local school, and ran my idea by her. I confirmed the school, event date and time and a total of 14 girls. I still wanted to keep this a very intimate setting with a group of girls, who the school felt, needed this the most.

As I started writing out my plan for the event, I had a few activities that I felt would be very impactful for these young women.

Please make sure your group of young women understand that this is a safe place for them. This is a judgement free zone and we are all there to better ourselves and not laugh or ridicule each other.

  1. WHAT DO YOU LOVE MOST ABOUT YOURSELF? Have each girl write what they love most about themselves on a sheet of paper. No other direction, other than, something you love about yourself. Place the paper face down on your lap once you’re done. The point of this activity is to open up their eyes to see that the majority of them WILL write something physical about themselves. I wrote one thing I loved about myself too and shared mine first, before anyone shared their piece of paper. Mine was ‘My Mindset.’ Once the girls show their pieces of paper, remind them that there is nothing wrong with them choosing a physical attribute, BUT they have to remember that there are more important things within them. This entire event is to prove that they have much more to offer than their looks. (Materials: Construction Paper & Markers)

  2. SHARE YOUR STORY. Share, share, share. Everyone has a story and everyone struggles. Share that with these young women. They need to know that they are not alone in their feelings. I, personally, shared the story of my accident and how I lost confidence within myself because of the way I now looked. I had to tell them that I started finding new ways to love myself, starting from the inside. (Materials: Vulnerability)

  3. GET RID OF THE WORDS THAT HAVE HURT YOU THE MOST. I brought small pieces of paper and I asked the girls to write down the one thing that has been hurting them the most. The words that someone has told them that they heavily carry on their backs. THESE WILL NOT BE READ OUT LOUD! You need to build trust with these girls. I told them to let it all out on this little piece of paper because it going to get crumbled up, thrown into the paper bag and thrown in the trash. The idea behind this is to rid them of those things that are bothering them. When you actually get a chance to write down what hurts you, it can be extremely therapeutic. These words would now be a thing of their past. (Materials: Paper & Pens)

  4. PICK A LETTER AND KEEP IT CLOSE TO YOU. I had some craft letters hanging around the house that I decided to put to use, for these girls. I chose empowering words that would now replace the hurtful words they just threw away. Each letter had a word written on it and they were thrown into a bag so each girl could randomly select one. Once they choose a letter, they were to say (LOUD AND PROUD) I AM…..and say the letter they received. The room bursts into….








    How powerful is a room filled with women speaking words of affirmations? It’s EXTREMELY powerful. It won’t be easy to grab everyone’s attention, but just know that the majority of these girls hold a lot of what they feel inside. They won’t dare show their emotions in front of their friends. Remind them, before they leave, that they are worth more than they could ever imagine. Life is not easy and people will say mean things, but if they can constantly say those words of affirmations in their heads, over and over again, then no one could ever bring them down.

Be The Change That These Young Women Need

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